“Riley worked for The Pheromones as our live and studio sound engineer from November of 2006 to May of 2010.

Riley is a consummate professional. His knowledge of both the technical aspects of sound, as well as music in general is rare in this day of purely technical sound men. Riley loves music. Riley is experienced, motivated, intelligent, professional and has the unique ability to carry on a conversation with anyone, which then helps him build a relationship with who he is working with, with makes the sound even better!

Riley ran live sound at various venues, all with challenges to overcome. In every situation Riley got the job done. Whether it was finding a place to put the sound console, to managing drunk bar patrons, Riley took his role seriously, and considering what a cover band can afford to pay, clearly working above and beyond duty every gig. We could not have paid him enough for all he did to improve us as a band, and for his loyalty to us.

Riley helped shape our sound, through his knowledge of music, his great ear, his appreciation of what good sound can do for both a musicians performance, and those listening. He is absolutely passionate about being the best he can be, and the results could be heard at every Pheromones show, 30-50 live shows a year, and his dedication was extraordinary.

It was without hesitation that all members of The Pheromones recommend Riley for any position in which his superior talents can be used. Please feel free to contact The Pheromones at 715-797-4897 or at if you have any questions.”

Dave Schoenrock, Bassist/Singer for The Pheromones Rye Dawg Productions client.

“If you want something done right, ask Riley. Working alongside him at Disney was a blessing. His audio systems were always in perfect shape and his crew in line. He made running the light system or overseeing the project so much easier to have him there. He is truthful to what will and will not work. He knows his stuff inside and out!” January 12, 2010

Diane Flowers, Owner, Sol Inspirations Worked directly with Riley at Walt Disney Entertainment

“I worked with Riley for 5 years at Disney. All of his work was top notch. He was one of the best audio techs on property and was always consulted on the big events. His knowledge is vast and his attitude is exceptional. I would highly recommend him for any position that he is seeking.” May 20, 2008

JC Bussard, Stage Tech 1, Walt Disney World Worked directly with Riley at Rye Dawg Productions.

“Riley knows his craft well, and I would hire him again as an engineer for any project involving creative music production.” May 20, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

John Babcock, Musician Hired Riley as a recording engineer in 2004, and hired Riley more than once.

“I had the pleasure to work with Riley on many occasions. He is a Top-Notch Audio Engineer with many years of studio & live sound experience. Utmost professional with the cutting edge knowledge any entertainer would hope to have with his/her engineer. He has worked with many celebrities and/or rock gods in his outstanding career. Also, has earned the right to be one of the BEST KNOWN AUDIO ENGINEERS in his field! I have heard magic happen when he would mix. Just search the net under Riley J Connell and you will see he is what I state! You would want this man to work for you!” May 19, 2008

Darlene K, Owner, by Darlene K, Inc. Worked directly with Riley at Rye Dawg Productions

“I had the pleasure of using Riley's talents as a sound engineer when I needed a recording of my voice for an audition at the Walt Disney World Co. Seeing Riley's passionate work with other entertainment groups at Disney, I requested his services. At the time we used his home studio for my recording. I told Riley what I wanted accomplished and my vision, with his expertise he let me understand what was needed from me to reach those goals. This was my very first recording session and Riley made me feel very comfortable and his creativity inspired me to try different feelings and emotions. In the end I walked out with a CD I was very proud of and needless to say, with the recorded element added, my audition went well and I landed the job. I am currently a professional voice over artist for Walt Disney Entertainment. I still use some of the tools Riley showed me on my first day and would highly recommend him.” August 4, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Mark Daniel, Actor/Comedian Hired Riley as a Voice over recording in 2003.

“I had the pleasure of working with Riley at Walt Disney World Entertainment. He was very thorough in the set-up of audio technical equipment and has a great ear for live mixing. He is knowledgeable and able to think on his feet, which makes him a valuable resource in live entertainment production.” August 3, 2009

Fred Berning Jr., Technical Planner, Walt Disney Entertainment, Show Development & Production Worked directly with Riley at Walt Disney World.

“I have had the privilege to have Riley behind the sound equipment. His product is impeccable and work ethic unmatched. He is a joy to work with; listening intently to your needs and desires. Not only is he extremely professional and highly competent, he is also fun to work with, making the experience one that is memorable.

I would most certainly highly recommend Riley. He will not give you anything, but his absolute best. My next project will be in his very capable and creative hands.”

Yvette McGregor, Actor/Singer Rye Dawg Productions client

“I worked with Riley at Epcot when he was the sound engineer for The British Invasion. Although I was a street performer, I observed Riley as he worked making The British Invasion sound just like the Beatles. He was always there before I arrived and was still there after I left for the day. Very much into details, Riley took great pride in making the band sound the best they could, constantly overcoming technical, physical and environmental challenges. He even found time to help my group of street performers with our technical issues...a solid professional.” August 3, 2009

Michael Rafferty, Actor, The Walt Disney Company Worked with Riley at Walt Disney World.

“Whenever I plan to make an audition demo tape or a sound track CD for my one woman show, I produce them with Riley Connell at Rye Dawg Productions. Riley is a very creative, reliable and professional engineer. He has amazing equipment, which includes high quality microphones that pick up subtle voice tones as well as a computerized digital editing system that enables me to create a perfect sound track for my show.

When I was creating a special sound effect for a scene, Riley gave me a lot of ideas and samples that I could use. After many takes of my singing for a demo tape, I couldn’t decide which take I wanted to keep. Riley gave me some advice that he had learned after years in the recording industry with many famous musicians; “Of course perfect pitch is an important element, but if you sing from your soul and put feelings and colors into your songs rather than only technically try to make them perfect, they will sound more genuine and from the heart rather than sterile, cold and without feeling. The vibe really does matter”. His advice really helped me make a decision. He is also friendly and a comfortable person to work with especially during long recording and editing sessions.

Riley Connell and Rye Dawg Productions is highly recommended for musicians, singers, voice overs and actors to create their own music CD’s and demo tapes.”

Karin Amano, Actor/Singer Rye Dawg Productions client.

“Riley is an experienced and talented sound engineer. His years as an engineer and technician, gives him a unique perspective on all areas of event production. Riley is also willing to share his knowledge with up and coming engineers/technicians. He would be an asset to company/person that works with him.” August 3, 2009

Francesca Dellavecchia, Stage Technician, Walt Disney World
Worked directly with Riley at Walt Disney World.

“Riley is conscientious and one of the best in his field! I would know that if he was the Audio Engineer with me on a show we were set!” August 1, 2009

Erica Okamoto, Technician, Walt Disney World Worked directly with Riley at Walt Disney World.

“Riley was and still is a top flight audio engineer! His ability to pull a mix together quickly and "hit the sweet spot" each and every time he is behind the console is amazing. His desire to do the job right and never to compromise is strong. I would highly recommend Riley without hesitation!” August 1, 2009

Chris Galler, Technician, Walt Disney Entertainment Worked directly with Riley at Walt Disney World.

“I have had the personal and professional privilege to know and work with Riley Connell on a variety of projects since 1996 when I joined the EPCOT Entertainment team as an Entertainment Manager. Riley has always exhibited a passionate commitment to the highest of Disney standards. With a wide expertise knowledge base, he has been able to react to challenges that might have otherwise compromised the high quality standards that have become the expectation at Disney. He is constantly thinking in a pro-active manner in regards to the maintenance requirements of his area thus anticipating, correcting, and bringing to the attention of management, solutions. As an audio technician he has an honest and straight-forward attitude which I highly value in any working relationship.”

Rick Mizell, Music Director, Walt Disney Entertainment Worked directly with Riley at Walt Disney Entertainment

“For several years I have had the pleasure of working with Riley Connell both as a coordinator and his manager. What has impressed me most is Riley’s drive and passion to create and deliver the best show possible.

Riley served as an audio technician on several shows for amateur guest talent where I was the coordinator. These particular groups auditioned for a “special one time performance” and Riley through his professionalism assisted the group in presenting a memorable performance experience.

Riley also served as an audio technician for a professional group that I was the stage manager. Riley needed little or no direction in delivering the best show possible 5-6 times daily.

Riley is self-motivated and does not wait for someone to assign a task to him; he takes a lot of initiative in always staying busy.

I feel Riley would excel in any job he chooses due to his passion and enthusiasm. Riley will always give you his very best”.

Jeff Glassel, Entertainment Manager, Walt Disney Entertainment Worked directly with Riley at Walt Disney Entertainment

“It is rare to find someone with so much passion, dedication, and desire to achieve excellence in everything that he does, but Riley Connell has proven that he can and will rise to any task and give it all he’s got. He isn’t satisfied with “good enough”. He consistently strives to perform to the best of his abilities on every occasion, especially when he knows that people are depending on him. He takes ownership of the task at hand and doesn’t rest until the job is done. He is honest, candid, self-motivated, and hardworking.

As for technical expertise, Riley knows his gig inside out. He understands systems, knows how to troubleshoot, and has the chops needed to provide the best show possible in any venue, even under the most challenging circumstances. He is an expert in his field. If you are lucky enough to have him on your team, you will be assured success.”

Lynnzie Hall, Entertainment Manager, Walt Disney Entertainment Worked directly with Riley at Walt Disney Entertainment

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