Film / Theater / TV / Radio

Film Productions

Beverly Hills Cop III                         Soundtrack/INXS                                  Paramount Pictures
Days of Thunder                            Score/JEFF BECK/HANS ZIMMER        Paramount Pictures
Kidnapped                                      Looping (ADR)/ARMANDE ASANTE    Anvil Films
Hunchback of Notre Dame            Dialogue/DEMI MOORE                          Walt Disney Animation
Super Mario Brothers                    Soundtrack/EXTREME                           Universal Pictures
The Specialist                                Soundtrack/GLORIA ESTEFAN             Universal Pictures

Theatrical, Concert and Convention Productions

IATSE Local 631                      Hair,   Les Miserables,   Into the Woods,   Jesus Christ Superstar
                                                Nora Jones,   Paramour,   Lynyrd Skynyrd,   Dr. Wayne Dyer
                                                IBM “Lotusphere”,   HIMMS                                

Television and Commercial Productions

QVC Television Network         Isaac Mizrahi Live, New York City
                                                QVC “Fashion Night Out” Fashion Week, New York City
                                                QVC “Red Carpet Style” Pre-Oscar Event, Los Angeles
Tom Hartman Scoring             Florida Department of Tourism - “A Perfect Place
                                                Beall’s Department Stores                 Blockbuster Video
                                                Caesar’s Poconos Resort                  Florida Lottery
                                                Hair Cuttery                                        Love 94 FM
                                                Carnival Airlines/Cruise Lines            US Air Force
                                                Premier Cruise Lines                          Planet Hollywood                                                                                                                                      Diet Coke                                             Home Shopping Network

Music ala Carte                       America’s Dairy Association             Amoco
                                                Embassy Suites                                  Sun Sentinel
                                                Kodak                                                   Goya
                                                J.C. Penny                                            Palm Beach Post
                                                Pizza Hut                                              Uncle Ben’s Rice
                                                Dolphin Cruise Lines

Music Works                           Sea Doo                                               Del Monte

Midi Classic Prods.                Don Pedro Rum

Amicus Productions              Various voice over recordings with Mr. Tom Overton, Amicus  Productions, for local and national automobile dealerships for radio and  television usage.

Rye Dawg Productions